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Vanessa Family Day Care

Books for Leap Pad Plus Writing


Age 4-6 year old
Bounce, Tigger, Bounce
Monster Money
Best Little Word Book Ever!
Bob & Lofty Save the Day
Pooh Gets Stuck
Collection from the LeapPad Library
Once Upon a Time (over 12 reading games!)
Leap's Pond (30 games & activites!)
Reading, Writing & Math
K-Master Fundamental Skills
Phonics Program
Teaching: *Short Vowels: O, E & U, *Long Vowels E, O & U, *Silent E *Vowel Combinations,*Decoding Words, *Word Recognition, *Rhyming Words, *Building Short Words, *Spelling, *Compound Words, *Vocabulary Words, *Word Identification
A Day at Moss Lake
The Day Leap Ate Olives
Mole's Huge Nose
Rainy Day Play
A Fisherman's Tale

Age 6-8 year old
More Coming soon
Monsters, Inc.
I Know Where My Food Goes

Age 8-11 years old
Math (3rd Grade)
Science (3rd Grade)
Master Fundamental Skills (3rd Grade)
State & National Educational Standards (3rd Grade)
Sampler from the Quantum Pad Library
Magic Tree House (Chapter Book)
Lost in the Solar System (Magic School Bus)
World of Dinosaurs (Science)
Seven Continents (Geography)
Amazing Mammals (Science)

Vanessa Family Day Care ~ Hayward CA 94544-6874
(510) 886-1792