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Pre - School
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Vanessa Family Day Care

While your child may not know all of the following things, it helps to know what your child can already do.

The following things help me know where and how to help your children learn.

Ideal how much time is your child use to you reading to them?
What time do you try to put your child to bed?
Check the ones that apply to your child:
   Used to play alone___
   Is used to playing with a few children___
   Is used to playing with many children___
   Regularly watches a lot of television. Number of  hours  each day?___
   Is your child supposed to wear glasses at school?
   Is there anything your child is afraid of?
What kind of discipline does your child respond to?
   Time Out___
   Talking it out___
   Loss of privileges___
   Earning positive rewards___
     *(Look at page for Day Care RULES)  

Is your child able to:
   Follow rules?
   Take turns?
   Take care of toys & put away?
   Share things?
Does your child:
   Know thier full Name?
   Know their address?
   Know their phone number?
   Use crayons, & pencils?
   Use scissors?
   Cut on a line?
   Print thier Name?
   Say the letters of the alphabet?
   Recognize the numbers 1 through 10?
   Recognize the basic 8 basic colors?
   Look at books?
Does these things in which language?

Hayward, CA 94544