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Vanessa Family Day Care

Important In Safety.
-What is Regulated by California State Law,
-In addition the laws also stipulate

   Regulated by California State Law:
Vanessa Family Day Care home is Licensed. Facility care's for no more than eight children at any one time (including her own children under age ten).
   In addition the laws also stipulate:
I do store all poisons, medicines, cleaning supplies in a child-proof cabinet.
I do teach children the Emergency fire & earthquake plans exist.
I do check fire extinguisher & smoke alarms are in working order.
I do keep clean & adequately ventilated & heated.


   Regulated by California State Law:
(Large home Day Care)
   At any time a provider care's for up to twelve children there has to be a qualified helper & an expanded license capacity. A special license addendum is required if caring for more children.
   Vanessa Family Day Care:
Doesn't  have a Swimming pool or spa, if around area, that has so, would  be fenced.
Doesn't  own any fire arms, I also know that they should be stored in locked cabinet, also gun should be stored where bullets are not.

Vanessa E.  Hayward, CA, 94544 USA  (510) 886-1792