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Vanessa Family Day Care


My Goal is to have happy kids in my care. Some times that is learned from other children and learning to take turns and share. I have been watching kids for almost my whole life on and off. I have been license in Hayward for 2yr now. I love having children around, of all age.

D i s c i p l i n e
*Myself and the child will have a 1 on 1 talk to try and  understand what might of gone wrong. So that I can understand and help the child understand what went wrong and why that is. If another child is involved I try to teach them "I" messages. "I dont like when you say mean things to me." That way I'm teaching them to work it out using words. If problem still happens for what ever reason. They will be put on Time-out and I will let children's parents know what has happen. If promblem dosent stop after a few days, I will ask parents to talk to each other with thier children.
I want all children safe and happy.   Thank you

What kind of discipline does your child respond to?
___Talking it out
        ( I Message's)
___Time Out
       ( 1min. per year age till
          age 5 & up is 5min.)
___Earning positive rewards
       (extra time on fav.
___Loss of privileges
       (told sorry you can't
         today - I dont like to
         use in Day Care.
         Hard to inforce)

V a n e s s a     F a m i l y     D a y     C a r e
(510) 886-1792
Open hours Mon. - Fri. 6 am - 5pm
Some Weekends
Some Saturdays and Sunday are available.
Call to see what are available.