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Rates & Hour's
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Vanessa Family Day Care

     This page allows us to give you an ideal how are prices come up.
     Every situation is different, and that is why we like you to come and see our facility, and go over Paper Work, and Prices at that time.

     We believe our years of experience within this industry will help us answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs. 
   (Here's an example Format, of our Services & Rates for an school age child)

Payment by hour:        
Payment by day:           
Payment by week:         
Payment by bi-week:    
Payment by Month:
*Some Weekends* (2 week notice)
Short Notice will be an extra:
*Agreed Payment is also added*
Agreed By the Hour:
Agreed Saturday, Payment:
Agreed Sunday, Payment:
Whole Weekend, Payment:
Can not do over night care.
           Working on it.
Is it needed?
$  10.
$  30.
$  10.
$  12.
$  45.
$  60.
$  90.

  Many of the services we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price.
     Rates vary depending on:
age of the child(ren);
& family Situation.
  That's why I like to sit down one on one & go over the rates.

Please call us at:
(510) 886-1792 for more details.
Hour's Open     Mon.- Fri.
Day Hour's    6 am - 5:30 pm
Extra Fee time   Mon.- Fri.
Morning        4 am - 6 am 
Night             5 pm - 8 pm
( 10. for each extra hr. needed )

We will update this page, be sure to check back!

Send us an email

Vanessa Engler Family Day Care * Vanderbilt St. * Hayward * CA * 94544